One of us.

To truly work with us, you must first understand us.

As artists, we would simply like to be able to allow our minds to create what our heart sees or hears, and share it. The business behind it all is not, necessarily the driving force behind what we create. We genuinely enjoy what we do. It’s great to know that there is someone that understands my intent behind my work and expresses herself in such a way that it not only answers my immediate questions, but then also, helps me understand things I missed that could have really hurt me down the line. She’s like a hybrid.      ----------- [Video Testimonial]

Contract Negotiations:

Technology and entertainment property licenses.

Personal Space:

Freedom of Speech +
Unreasonable Search & Seizure Violations.

Answers to the questions you SHOULD be asking:

  • Drafting contracts
  • Movie production
  • Live performance
  • Sound-recording

Don’t risk it:

Credibility is based on the ability to trust you.
Allow us to Clear your Ad Copy for your advertising and location licenses.
(Updated: Oct 2017)

Always learning.

Current fields of study include:

  1. Entertainment Business and Legal Affairs
  2. Financing and Post-Production Management of Motion Pictures
  3. Licensing Guild
  4. Music Contracts
  5. Management of Major Motion Picture Production
  6. Film Budget and Finance
  7. Music and the Law