Highly-experienced & Results-oriented.

Lillian Taylor Štajnbaher manages foreign associates in the protection of trademark portfolios of a number of mid and large caps. She has successfully managed all aspects of prosecuting and defending lawsuits.

Task & Team Oriented Strengths.

Working on everything from  individual patterns or full team productions, we are ready to assist you.

Critical, immediate, case, elements

Research and drafting capabilities as well as opinion letters, complaints, and answers to hundreds of necessary legal document requests. 

Opposition Review

Factual and timely, discovery and dispositive motions and oppositions a well as trials and appeals.

Courtroom Readiness

All necessary witness preparation and examination in regards to errors and omissions coverage.

Recently Complete Assignments.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to face creative new projects daily.

Projects that push our knowledge of the law along with and a deeper understanding of the dedication a Creator puts into an idea. 

SEC & IRS grand jury inquiries in regards to Trademark infringement.
Prepared cease-and-desist letters
Managed foreign associates and litigation counsel.
Prepared copyright applications and drafted provisional patent applications.
Negotiated concurrent use & consent agreements, and settlements.
Prepared and prosecuted ex parte and Trademark Trial and Appeal Board petitions.
Advised & negotiated regarding minority shareholder rights.

Keeping your Home safe.


Challenges facing business owners.

Employment claims
Insurance coverage
Advertising claims

Know your rights as a Consumer.

Product liability
Personal injury
Property damage

World of IT:

Lillian Taylor earned Best-In-Class recognition for her work towards negotiating the  largest IT upgrade in over a decade, with her client. Her innovation obtained exceptional value enhancements in record time. As such, the client’s needs were permanently coordinated with the legal department regarding interface of legacy agreement on forward strategies.

Duties included:

  • High-level negotiation of business terms for complex IT infrastructure solutions.  
  • Managing a team of mid-level negotiators and data analysts.  
  • Surveying and proposed technical solutions to enhance security and efficiency.